Braces are Removed! – Congratulations! You’ve finished treatment and your braces have been removed! Now it’s time for what some can argue as the most important phase of treatment, RETENTION! It’s important to wear your retainer as prescribed by Dr. Feller to make sure your teeth do not shift after braces have been removed.

Clear Retainer – A clear retainer is used to keep your teeth in their new positions after your braces have been removed.

Z-Spring Hawley Retainer – designed to correct minor rotations of anterior teeth. It is a removable, self-activating appliance similar to other traditional spring retainers, but, because it is a more flexible design it will allow for a slightly greater degree of correction with one appliance.

Permanent Retainer – consists of a thin wire that is properly adapted and bonded to the inside surfaces of the front 4 or 6 teeth to prevent front teeth from shifting after orthodontic treatment has been completed.