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The People Behind Your New Smile

Feller Orthodontics LOVES what they do. When you come in for a visit or appointment, they treat you like you are visiting family. They won’t let you leave until you smile or laugh, and are proud of how much fun they have every day, with every patient!


Dr. David Feller is a native of Steilacoom, Washington. He had his first set of braces (of 3 total sets) at 11 years old. He knew then, at the age of 11, that he wanted to be an orthodontist. He attributes the incredible support of his wife, Jennifer, to his achieving his childhood goal. Dr. Feller loves what he does, which is easy to see in him. He is proud to be a member of Moses Lake’s community where he can serve and provide care to those seeking orthodontic care.

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Meet Dr. Feller

ABO Certification

What It Means To You

Dr. Feller is a Board Certified Doctor. This means he has achieved the highest level of certification available in the orthodontic profession. It is a distinction earned by less than half of all orthodontists.

Being Board Certified is just one more way Feller Orthodontics goes the extra mile to assure that their patients receive the best care available.

The Best Peeps ever!


Your Family Away From Family

The team at Feller Orthodontics are some of the best people in the business. They treat you like family when you visit and as they said above, won’t let you leave until you have laughed! They are truly great!

  • Mariah

    Orthodontic Assistant.

  • Lindsey

    Lab Technician.

  • Amanda

    Orthodontic Clinician.

  • Dr. Feller

    Dr. David Feller will have his awesome bio up very soon!

  • Amanda

    Financial Coordinator.

  • Rocio

    Treatment Coordinator.

  • Nelli

    Orthodontic Clinician.

  • Monica

    Lab Technician.

  • Joanna

    Orthodontic Clinician.

  • Ramie

    Office Manager.


Our Way Of Saying Thank You

Military, Police and First Responder Discount

At Feller Orthodontics, we are grateful to the service men and women of our country, who dedicate their lives to protect our community and nation. At Feller Orthodontics, we would like to support our Heroes by offering a 10% discount from the usual and customary fee for any orthodontic services to any active or retired service member of ANY branch and also to police officers and firefighters. For the families of active service members, we also offer a 10% discount from the usual and customary fee on all orthodontic services to their children or spouses*.

  • Self: Active: 10%, Retired 5%
  • Nuclear Family: Active 10%, Retired 0%

Kids In The Community

Dr. Feller is part of a team of specialists who donate their time throughout the year to work with children who are in need of Cleft Lip repair. He also does school visits to MOSES LAKE HIGH SCHOOL, FRONTIER AND CHIEF MOSES MIDDLE SCHOOLS, GARDEN HEIGHTS, LAKEVIEW TERRACE, SAGE POINT, KNOLLS VISTA, PENNISULA, LONGVIEW, and PARK ORCHARD elementary schools. He supports Grid Kids Football, Moses Lake Girls Soccer team, Jog-a-thons, Moses Lake Christian Academy, St Rose School and New Life school.

Before & After

Lining Things Up

We Love Making Things Symmetrical

Dr. Feller’s Family

Dr. Feller and his wife, Jennifer, met at Brigham Young University and have been married since 2006. They enjoy being together, spending time with their children and close relatives and friends. They have four children, Alexis (8yrs), Preston (5yrs), Matthew (2yrs), and Nathaniel (1yr). They enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, walking, camping, and swimming. They are avid readers and proud enthusiasts of good food. Jennifer is a baker and plans to open a bakery in their community of Moses Lake. They are insanely fun to be around!

Dr. Feller’s Unique Care

Dr. Feller has had braces both as a child and adult. At the age of 30, he decided to undergo a Jaw Surgery to treat his under bite. His personal experiences with orthodontics have provided Dr. Feller a special understanding of how to explain orthodontic problems to patients, and their effects on health, self-esteem, and smile appearance. His ability to understand and relate to any patient’s concern allows for a caring and special orthodontic experience.

Dr. Feller’s unique interest and expertise in the field of orthodontics is the management of severe facial and dental discrepancies (crooked teeth and/or jaw structures). Dr. Feller spends a significant part of his day  connecting with dentists and health professional colleagues to make sure that a patient’s complex dental problems are ideally managed between his and the patient’s dental office. This multi-disciplinary treatment care for adolescents and adults provides state of the art care for patients’ gums, teeth, jaws, and health concerns such as sleep apnea and/or temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ pain and problems).

Dr. Feller, Orthodontic Specialist in Braces, Invisalign®, and Current Technologies

Dr. Feller is an orthodontic specialist for adults and children. His specialty training has provided him a special ability to connect with young and active children, adolescents and adults with varied dental concerns. Dr. Feller can provide orthodontic treatment to patients who have high esthetic demands and are interested in nearly invisible orthodontic appliances. He is a trained specialist in Invisalign® and early child therapy (orthodontic treatment in children from ages 5-11, commonly known as phase 1 treatment). Dr. Feller is a certified specialist in the use of dental lasers in his orthodontic practice for the improving contours of patient’s gums and the exposing of simple impacted teeth in jaws. Dr. Feller also uses current technologies to expedite orthodontic treatment that include Acceledent, Propel and use of titanium mini-screws while in orthodontic appliances (braces or Invisalign®). For any questions to see if a patient can take advantage of these technologies, please call and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Feller.

Dr. Fellers Training

Dr. Feller received his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in the study of Chemistry. Dr. Feller was accepted to the elite dental program of University of California, Los Angeles. There he received his DDS license with top marks in his class. Dr. Feller then received his Orthodontic Specialist Training at the three-year residency at the University of Pittsburgh. At the University of Pittsburgh, and in addition to his Orthodontic Training, Dr. Feller was the only member of his class who received a Masters of Dental Science for his work and study in Craniosynostosis in families of rabbits. Craniosynostosis can be a debilitating and severe disorder where lack of skull growth in adolescents/children (rabbits, humans, or any species) may impair brain and sensory development, often resulting in blindness or mental disorders.

Dr. Feller enjoys and believes in continuing his learning and expertise by attending national and local specialty education seminars. Dr. Feller is an avid supporter of continuing education for himself and his staff. Dr. Feller also provides in his office, frequent continuing education courses and study clubs to local dentists and hygienists.

Fun Photos

Dr. Feller loves making his patients’ orthodontic experience a fun and rewarding one!