The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have At The Doctor's Office

Hello! We are excited that you stopped by the website! Whether you are ready to improve your smile or you just need a good laugh, we hope to see you at our office (even though the website is a great start). The first thing is to introduce ourselves so you can learn a little bit about us. Dr. Feller (when not starting water balloon fights) leads us in our crusade to spread the joy. Have a look at the video below and see for yourself!

Dr. Feller

Videos Of Dr. Feller’s Team In Action!


A Helpful Guide For Parents

As a parent, we know choosing an orthodontist is a big decision. Use our guide to find an orthodontist that’s best for your family. Download the guide right here.

Happy Patients (always good)


It’s How We Roll

Getting your braces off is one of the most exciting and rewarding days for our patients and our team! With a new smile, we want our patients to live life to the fullest…be confident…inspire others!

Because of that, Dr. Feller has partnered with Retro Angel Photography to offer to all of our patients an exclusive 20% discount for private photo sessions. All you have to do is call our office and we will provide you with your opportunity to document the start of Life’s New Chapter and Your New Smile!

    • Portraits by Brandi Engel


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