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Meet Nathali

What made you decide to do orthodontic treatment?
I was tired of an unhealthy smile and mouth.

How did your crooked teeth/smile affect you around your friends/family?
I love to smile but my teeth were crooked, and it just never felt natural or genuine.

How has your new smile affected your confidence?
My new smile boosted my confidence. I don’t care what people think, I think I look beautiful. I smile a lot more and I’m just proud of my smile. I was also scared of the dentist, but DF made me feel comfortable and my anxiety has gotten better.

What changes in your life have happened since completing your treatment?
Mostly, confidence. I smile at myself in the mirror. I smile just to smile.

How did you like your experience during treatment?
I loved it. Dr. Feller and staff was very helpful. I refer my friends, family and patients to Dr. Fellers office all the time.

What advice would you give someone who does not like their smile?
I would tell them to not give up, look into it. The pain, the time commitment, the extraction was worth it! I wish I would have done this sooner.