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Meet Nancy

What made you decide to do orthodontic treatment? What didn’t you like about your smile/teeth?
I have always struggled with my confidence because of my smile. I was very self-conscious of my underbite and crooked teeth.

How did your crooked smile affect you around your friends/family?
I was never confident to smile or laugh. Every time I laughed around friends/family I covered my mouth with my hands.

How has your new smile affected your confidence?
I feel so much more confident. My pictures look perfect. I don’t have to cover my smile anymore.

What changes in your life have happened since completing your treatment?
Again, confidence. I didn’t like how my lower jaw was sticking out and after braces and jaw surgery, everything looks perfect.

How did you like your experience during treatment?
I really liked my treatment experience. My appointments were fast, it felt easy and I really like that if I had an emergency appointment I was accommodated and scheduled the same day.

What advice would you give someone who does not like their smile?
Get treatment! Do it for yourself. I would recommend Dr. Feller.