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Meet Jacklyn

What made you decide to do orthodontic treatment?
I wanted straight teeth and I had a lot of friends who recommended Dr. Feller.

How did your crooked smile affect you around your friends/family?
In a lot of my family or school pictures I wouldn’t smile with my teeth. I was uncomfortable with my smile and worried of what others saw.

How has your new smile affected your confidence?
I can smile and laugh without second guessing myself and I’m not worried about people seeing my teeth.

What changes in your life have happened since completing your treatment?
I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. I took my senior pictures and felt confident.

How did you like your experience during treatment?
It was great! Me and brother would go in for our appointments at the same time and the staff was always quick and easy. Even sitting in the waiting room, the staff would interact and talk to us.

What advice would you give someone who does not like their smile?
Look into getting treatment. Me and my mom did out research and went to other consultations before we decided to go with Dr. Feller. I highly recommend Dr. Feller, he helped build my confidence.